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Recent Posts

  • Ep 045 – Retrospective: Tecmo Bowl

    Ep 045 – Retrospective: Tecmo Bowl

    This episode couldn’t have been recorded at a more opportune time.  Within hours of recording this show we saw the airing of the new Bo Jackson Kia commercial (see below for both commercials) using the old NES Tecmo Bowl asRead More »
  • Ep 044 – Return of the Jedi Top5/Bottom5

    Ep 044 – Return of the Jedi Top5/Bottom5

    The second installment in I, Geek’s lighthearted look at the entire franchise of Star Wars movies.  Sten and Mark get into a conversation about Episode VI: Return of the Jedi discussing the wonders of the closing chapter in the original trilogy.  OfRead More »
  • Ep 043 – Essen Part II Expansion Preview

    Ep 043 – Essen Part II Expansion Preview

    In a follow up to our recent show about new games releasing at the Essen Spiel convention next month, we’ve decided to sit and discuss the multitude of expansions coming out. In recent years, expansions have become almost as abundantRead More »
  • Ep 042 – Essen Spiel 2016 Preview

    Ep 042 – Essen Spiel 2016 Preview

    The time has come once again to start over-analyzing the slew of board games introduced at the mega-show known as Essen Spiel.  Only a month and a half away and yet there are plenty of new games announced for releaseRead More »
  • Ep 041 – Video Game Edition: No Man’s Sky

    Ep 041 – Video Game Edition: No Man’s Sky

    No Man’s Sky.  Or is it…  No Man’s Lie?  No Man Buy? We’ve heard them all.  And while we’ve really looked forward to this amazingly huge game, what we were given was a considerable letdown for some.  What was promisedRead More »

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Enjoyed your podcast

There were several times that I wanted to join in and comment along with you. Especially when you started in on Terra Mystica. I could not agree more with your assessment of the ranking system.

Shawn S.


I just came across this podcast & your website and have really enjoyed your retrospectives. You should add some videos of you at the NWC, would like to see you two dancing around.


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