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Recent Posts

  • Seriously Snappy Ruminations on Senators

    Seriously Snappy Ruminations on Senators

    se·ri·ous·ly – with earnest intent snap·py – cleverly concise | ru·mi·na·tions – deep or considered thoughts SENATORS Wisely calculate risks to win the most Senate support in this Roman card collection and auction game of adversarial bidding. Unusual auction/bidding mechanics proveRead More »
  • Ep 060 – Supporting your FLGS, Essen Expansions, & Senators!

    Ep 060 – Supporting your FLGS, Essen Expansions, & Senators!

    Within the last couple of weeks another reviewer in the board gaming hobby decided to address the idea of supporting the Friendly Local Game Store or FLGS.  Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower is a popular reviewer and has builtRead More »
  • Ep 059 – Essen Preview 2017

    Ep 059 – Essen Preview 2017

    We’ve scoured any and all Essen preview list and have come up with a list of games we feel will get much of the buzz in the upcoming industry show.  Essen Spiel is the yearly convention in which many, ifRead More »
  • Ep 058 – Rogue One Top5/Bottom5

    Ep 058 – Rogue One Top5/Bottom5

    Rogue One was awesome!  We here at I, Geek loved the gritty, unique take on the Star Wars Universe.  With Rogue One we finally got a movie that didn’t put a polish of purely good versus absolute evil throughout theRead More »
  • Ep 057 – Filler Games to the DEATH!

    Ep 057 – Filler Games to the DEATH!

    *Note: We had some rather large technical difficulties that caused our volume levels to be all over the place.  Forgive this inconsistency and we’ll try better in the future.  Onto the show! We’ve changed our format slightly and hopefully forRead More »

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Enjoyed your podcast

There were several times that I wanted to join in and comment along with you. Especially when you started in on Terra Mystica. I could not agree more with your assessment of the ranking system.

Shawn S.


I just came across this podcast & your website and have really enjoyed your retrospectives. You should add some videos of you at the NWC, would like to see you two dancing around.


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