Mark and Steven delve into the haunted abyss of the NES classic Castlevania.  One of the first games they had for the NES console, Castlevania withstood the test of time and still poses a challenge to this day.

Recently Mark and Steven decided it was high time to beat the seemingly impossible “Nintendo Hard” game and sat out to do just that.  After hours of grinding they finally reached the upper levels of Dracula’s lair wherein they were promptly and soundly beaten time and again.

Turning the game off for another day they came back to it a week later with a fresh resolve and an unmatched fervor ready to slay the blood sucking monster.  Once again they slogged through the depths of the castle until, much quicker this time, they reached Dracula’s resting place and soundly whooped him all over the place.

A victory 25 years in the making!  You won’t want to miss this.

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Ep 001a – Classic Castlevania

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