Mark and Steven reminisce about their visit to the Nintendo World Championships (NWC) when it came to Dallas in 1990.  The games, the atmosphere, the early 90’s clothing and styles.  It was all there.  Since 1990 the mystique of the event and even the cartridge from the games played have grown to legendary status.  And the guys were their to witness the event for 3 full days.

They discuss their experience as they remember it 25 years removed, so a little of it gets lost through time.  A 3 day event where you could try your hand at the infamous NWC challenge; a 3 tier game wherein you race to get 50 coins in Super Mario Bros., finish the first race in Rad Racer, and finish off with a blistering run of Tetris where the points really stacked up.

The NWC was a gaming convention at its finest, far before the conventions even existed for the hobby.  Along with the NWC challenge and competition there were booths set up everywhere showing off the newest and rad’est games.  Mark remembers a kiosk set up with Castlevania 3 on display and available to play.  All the major companies were in attendance and the Game Boy, less than a year old at the time, was well represented with banks of displays allowing anyone in attendance a chance to play for hours on end.

It was more than a magical time for both guys and this is a discussion you won’t soon forget.

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Ep 004 – The Nintendo World Championships (NWC) 1990

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