Join the guys as they jump into a hot button issue plaguing many on the Geek.  This week the guys discuss the oft criticized ranking system on Board Game Geek.  Is it a true representation of the games out there or is it a mess of epic proportions that needs to be remedied?  A tough question to answer, though Lee, Mark, Mike, and Steven try to break down the problems and give light to other potential ideas that may give a better representation.  However, if you are a staunch supporter of the ranking system, don’t fret as the guys also get into a discussion of what they do like about the ranking system.  After all, who really cares about a niche hobby ranking system except those closest to it and chances are if you’re listening to this podcast then you probably have an opinion about it.

Mark uncovers some shocking news about Mike and Lee almost prompting him to take their geek cards away, though he later sheepishly admits that he never really “got into” Seinfeld as Lee and Mike wax poetic about the show.

Finally the guys get into a discussion about the rather obscure German town building board game, Neue Heimat (translation: New House).  A fast, tense auction game where anything is up for grabs and the money in hand is seriously limited.  Good luck finding this game though as the company Chili Spiele went out of business near the end of 2014.  That being said, the guys go into some detail about the ease of making the game as the components aren’t hard to find and it would be well worth an afternoon to get crafty.  You won’t want to miss the conversation about this game as its considered by everyone at I, Geek to be one of the finest hidden gems out there.

If you have any suggestions for future podcasts, leave a comment or stop by Facebook and Twitter to let us know what you have in mind.  Happy gaming!

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Ep_002 – Ranking games & the obscure Neue Heimat

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