Fester's Quest

We love this game.

It’s gotten a bad reputation for some of the videos making the rounds in the YouTube universe.  The Angry Video Game Nerd did a video on this and it was pretty funny and not altogether inaccurate.  Fester’s Quest is a tough game and unfair at times, but we here at I, Geek feel the pros far outweigh the cons.

Let’s get the bad out of the way first.

  1. The gun can be a little awkward to say the least.  As you upgrade your Blunderbuss through random drops from enemies you’ll get a “better” and more powerful stream of bullets to take out the alien invasion.  The only problem is the stream of bullets gets crazier and crazier as you upgrade which wouldn’t inherently be a problem if the wacky stream of projectiles could pass through walls.  The biggest issue is that some of the wavier bullet patterns are so wide that when you’re walking down a hallway they slam into the walls and don’t go any further.  It can get fiddly to say the least.  Sometimes it’s the difference of a pixel whether the bullets will go where you’re aiming them or not.
  2. The next thing on the crap list are the green slimes in the sewers.  These things multiply when they’re hit with your bullets.  This would be okay if there was a limit to how many times they multiple.  Alas there isn’t and you can spend an eternity killing the same group of slimes.  They suck the life out of you in a hurry.
  3. The last thing I’ll bring up is the lack of an autofire function.  You can’t simply hold down the fire button and cry havoc as you rip through the alien horde.  Nope, if you only have the original controller, then get ready to get a thumb workout.  A quick fix to this is either the NES Advantage or NES Max.  Both controllers offer turbo functions with the NES Advantage allowing for more control in turbo speed.

Onto why I, Geek loves this game.

  1. This game came out when The Addams Family had a resurgence in the movies and re-runs of the TV series.  This of course included a song by MC Hammer.  That’s not why we love the game.  But Uncle Fester was played by Christopher Lloyd in the movies and of course he played Doc Brown.  So in a sense we could squink our brains just so to where we felt like we were playing a legit Back to the Future game with Doc Brown blowing aliens away with his Blunderbuss that he picked up on his travels.
  2. The game was interesting.  Uncle Fester is moon-bathing, with sunglasses on, when aliens show up and start stealing the population of city who shuns them so badly.  Uncle Fester being a truly good yet freaky human decides to take it upon himself to turn the other cheek and save the day.  Unlike other NES games at the time, this one had a fun and fantastical story.
  3. There’s a ton of gameplay.  If you know the game front and back you can beat it in less than an hour.  If you use some speed run strategies you can be it in less than 30 minutes.  For a kid without a clue I played this game for hours and hours before ever partaking in the sweet smell of victory.  Sure we had the Nintendo Power and that helped, but it was easy to get lost in the game even with a map.  The 3D portions of the game were particularly difficult to navigate since every hallway looked the same and their wasn’t a map, but wow what a feeling when you figured it out.
  4. The end of the game is hilarious and short.  The whole family (because they lifted exactly zero fingers to help you) is being cheered by the town who all look to be bad clones of Matt Smith’s Doctor.  The catchy Addams Family theme kicks in 8-Bit style and then the Sunsoft logo ushers in the end of the game.

Overall this game deserves to be in the top 100.  Sten didn’t rank it though he later admits it was just off his list.  Mark ranked it at 34 while IGN had it at 45.  While it has its issues this game is still a fun time and will keep you coming back for more if for no other reason than to curse its name when you get cheaply killed due to lag or a trolly gun.

Try it out for yourself and while it probably won’t be your favorite it’ll be a fun time.

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#95 – Fester’s Quest

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