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As the title suggests, this episode is all about prognostication and the “what if’s” when answering a question as hypothetical as the one posed to the crew at I, Geek.  In a very similar Retrospective Podcast, Mark and Sten answer this very question by discussing the 5 games they’d choose if they were forced, from this point forward, to play only those games.  It was an interesting enough question that the guys thought they’d attempt to tackle it with Board Games as the main focus.  What follows is some really interesting discussion about games you may or may not agree with.

What 5 Board Games would you choose and why?

You’ll notice the guys varied greatly in their approach.  Mark chose to go with 5 distinctly different games opting for variety over simply his 5 favorites.  Mike on the other hand decided to go the opposite approach by picking his 5 favorites and assuming he’d be happy with those for the next 50 years.  Lee and Sten were somewhere in between as they had rather similar lists to each other but interestingly enough seemed to choose their similar games for different reasons.

So again I ask, what would you choose?  What merits do you consider when addressing such a question?  Is length of a game important?  Is theme?  Replayability should play a role at the very least, but if it’s simply your favorite game, does that really matter?  Would you choose 5 Board Games that top your overall list or would you side with Mark and opt for 5 varied games to keep things fresh?  Is it even possible to keep things fresh with only 5 options for the rest of your life?

Along with their choices, the guys go into detail about each game and the reasons why they picked them.  Have a listen and see if you agree or disagree.  Comment below or on one of our social media outlets with your list of 5 games.  We’d love to see what you have in mind.

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Ep_006 – The Crew is Forced to Choose 5 Board Games

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