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We put together a special edition episode of the I, Geek podcast as a kind of “Call to Action” for the Kickstarter expansion project Kings of Air & Steam: World’s Fair.  As fans of the base game and even bigger fans of Tasty Minstrel Games we wanted to do our part in not only getting the word out about the project but to also correct some misconceptions floating around out there.  As of the publication of this article and the podcast there are only a couple of days left to back the expansion which currently sits at just over 50% funded.  In spite of some opinions floating around online, the prices offered with the project are fair in our estimation.  You don’t have to take our word for it though.  Do the research for yourself and you’ll see a deal exists.

Now to be fair we didn’t simply sit around and cheer on Kings of Air & Steam: World’s Fair for a solid hour.  That’s not how we do things around here at I, Geek.  Instead we start the episode off with a discussion of the merits and pitfalls of Kickstarter as a whole.  We discuss some of our experiences, both good and bad, when backing projects in the past.  We get into the advantages and disadvantages such a funding tool has on the hobby and how that may manifest itself in the future.  A bit of critical thinking went into this discussion so we’d love to hear your opinion.  Feel free to comment below or share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Somewhere in the middle of our ramblings we get into a discussion of Kings of Air & Steam and the thoughts we have on why it didn’t make the splash it possibly should have upon release.  We then break down what we know of the expansion and why it looks to be something the normal consumer might be interested in.

Near the end of the show, Lee brings up some of the nomenclature or jargon used by those in the hobby and we have a fun time trying to define some of the terms through labeling board games and simply putting thoughts into words.  It turns into a bit of a mess when we get stuck on the term “Gamer’s Game.”  All the same, we had fun recording this show and certainly hope you enjoyed it as well.

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One final note:  To alleviate any concerns or misconceptions about I, Geek… we are not currently, nor have we ever, taken money from Tasty Minstrel Games for the content of this podcast. We’ve also not played the expansion or been offered free access or copies of the game. We are simply fans of the company and would like to see continued successes in Kickstarter projects and future endeavors for TMG.

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Ep_007 – Kickstarter, Kings of Air & Steam, and Gaming Jargon

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One thought on “Ep_007 – Kickstarter, Kings of Air & Steam, and Gaming Jargon

  • September 16, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    One thing I wanted to mention was we made a few mistakes in our “off the cuff” banter. Sten mentions New Science as a game that didn’t utilize Kickstarter. This, as it turns out isn’t the case. He references a conversation we had at the 2012 BGG.Con with the creator of the game, but it may have been with another designer and another game.
    The other thing is that I (Mark) mention that Z-Man used Kickstarter and after some thought it occurred to me that this might not be the case. I’ve only found passing reference to the company utilizing the funding site so please excuse my mistake if that’s the case. In the conversation I was trying to think of big gaming companies and Z-Man popped into my head.


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