It’s Called Wizards Chess… Ok not really but it is the closest thing we really have to such an awesome thing. Archon is not just another soulless strategy chess game. Yes it looks like a chess board lined with golems, wizards, knights, and other mythical beasts, but it is much more. In chess when you challenge a square on the board being held by an enemy, you automatically win that square. “YAWN…” In Archon the battling pieces are transported to a separate gladiator style battlefield where the pieces fight to the death for sole possession of the square.

With sixteen different characters and an every changing board, each play of the game is totally unique. Each character has their own pros and cons when it comes to combat, from speed of attack to utter brute strength. The Goblins and Knights have quick powerful attacks, but must land blows at a very close range. While other characters, like the Trolls and Golems, move very slow but can hurl large boulders across the screen.

Each team has a Spell Caster, both of which are equally good at magic, who can cast up to seven different spells throughout the game. These spells can reverse the flow of time in the game, or summon powerful elementals to fight for them. They are very powerful and useful spells if you use them at the right time.

One of the best parts of this game is the multiple ways in which you can win. You can of course destroy your opponent by defeating each of their pieces, or you can occupy the five power squares on the board. This last option was a brilliant way to add depth to a straight forward fighting chess game. Did I just say “straight forward fighting chess game”, I did and on that note I will leave you with this final thought.

This is a fantastic game. As kids we loved it for what is was, but as adults we can appreciate the complexities a game like this provides.


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#92 – Archon

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