games we always have

In this episode the I, Geek team delves into those particular games they always have with them at any given time just in case a game night breaks out.  Each true gamer, whether it be video or board, will admit to carrying around something in their trunk or bag, ready to pull it out at a moment’s notice.  If you’re a fan of this hobby you’ve either done this yourself, known someone who’s done this, or seriously contemplated this very thing.  Rest assured, you’re not abnormal.  Well, relatively speaking I suppose.

Each one of the I, Geek guys created a list of  games that fit this bill.  It was a really easy list to create as all they really had to do is look through their car trunks and game bags to see what they were currently carrying.  Most of the games are admittedly small box games, though Mark threw a wrench into those spokes when he announced one of his favorite games.  Lee was taken a bit aback and this started a whole new level of game analysis to the conversation.

Ultimately it was a mixed bag of games we always have with us.  Some games made sense while others were individual favorites.  Still, as the episode progressed the conversation switches to the rise of the Small Box Game.  The guys outline these smaller “micro” games and how they’ve seemingly taken over a niche portion of the hobby.  The guys have really enjoyed getting to know Love Letter and Council of Verona, but in a world dominated by epic games, it’s been a refreshing change of pace to focus on the smaller games that give our brains a rest.

games we always have

A couple of final notes:

  1. As mentioned by Mark at the beginning of this podcast, Mike is leaving the show indefinitely.  The time commitment was a bit more than he was willing to accept and after some frank discussions it was decided this was the best course of action.  We wish him well in his future endeavours.  That being said, he’s still an active member of our game group so we’ll get to play games with him.
  2. Pass the word on the podcast and website when you can.  We’ve been steadily growing in the time we’ve been up and running.  It’s been a blast seeing a growth of fans across the nation and the world for that matter.  We take notice of each download across the globe and it’s sure something we love to watch grow.
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As always, thanks for listening and happy gaming!

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Ep 010 – Games we always have with us

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