You may have noticed we’ve been rather silent the last couple of weeks here at I, Geek.  There are a few different reasons for that, one of which was 9 months in the making.  Although we may not have been busy uploading new content or shows, we’ve been busy behind the scenes doing some research and planning out the upcoming BGG.Con.

That being said, I give to you the Essen 2015 Highlights Show.  This episode is devoted to bringing Essen to your front door step here in the States.  We didn’t attend Essen, but we certainly kept a close eye on everything going on.  If there was a buzz about it, we had our finger on the pulse of that game.  If a hot game wasn’t getting such hot reviews we did our due diligence to see what the problem was.  If something was happening and it was either being written about or on a video somewhere, chances are we saw it.

Lee, Sten, and Mark each created their list of the top 5 games their most excited for coming out of Essen.  We each made sure we didn’t have any crossover so as to talk about 15 unique games.  Some are obscure titles you may not have heard about.  Others are mega hits in the making that have been getting buzz for years.  Either way, sit back and enjoy the list.

We spend the first little bit of the show discussing some recent events around the I, Geek team.  Some of this includes games, some of it doesn’t.  We view it as a way for you to get to know us a little better each show.

All of that being said we certainly hope you enjoy the show and as always, Happy Gaming!


This episode brought to you by Duncanville Bookstore.

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Ep 012 – Essen 2015 Highlights Show

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