Guilty Pleasure Games

We all have those video games.  You know the ones.  The games that you’re almost embarrassed to admit you love to play.  A game so widely panned that the simple fact that you have one on your shelf is a questionable decision.  We here at I, Geek are no exception to this.  In fact, this episode is entirely dedicated to 7 guilty pleasure games we love to play.

Sten and Mark both chose 3 games, which was a tougher task than they originally thought.  Their lists were long and sorted.  Yet after some discussion and self loathing they came up with 3 games each that they could discuss with the public.

“But wait!” you might be shouting at the screen.  “You said 7 games?!  What gives?”

I hear you.  As it turns out there is a game so widely panned and hated by the masses that they had to include it on this list.  This is a shared game between Mark and Sten and one they’ve spent far more time playing than either cares to admit.  This game is the anomaly of the group.  Between the two of them, all of their guilty pleasure games can be found on the NES.  But this special shared game is from the SNES.

Enjoy the show, but if you have a chance and feel like participating, write a comment below, tweet @igeekpodcast, or drop by our Facebook page and share your guilty pleasure games.  Enough responses and we’ll do a follow up show.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 013 – Our Guilty Pleasure Video Games

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