It can be an adventure unto itself when it comes to buying and collecting board games.  When we all first enter the hobby there’s a certain magical quality to the purchase of games.  You see your collection slowly grow.  After a few years it’s become a collection to be proud of.  But then you start to think about how many games just sit there on your shelf.  Your buying may become more focused at that point as both your space begins to run out and your preferences for games becomes narrower.  You start to come up with rules for collecting.

Then things become a little more interesting.  You may start to look into trades or posting items on the BGG Marketplace.  You start to research online options for buying and selling and you find pretty quickly that the economy of board games is as unknowable as the inside of black hole.  Games come and go.  Then they get reprinted and that grail game you just dropped $150 on is now worth $30.  If you haven’t been burned by this ever fluctuating economy then you’re one of the lucky ones.

In this episode of I, Geek, the team delves into the buying and collecting of games.  Sten crawls up on his soap box for an impassioned speech about pricing games properly, and the crew welcomes a new member to the team.

With BGG.Con merely a week away, we want to encourage those attending to seek us out and say hi.  We’ll be wearing I, Geek Podcast shirts and running periodic interviews with some popular game designers.  As always, visit us on Facebook and Twitter and be a part of the community by commenting and letting us know what you think of the shows.

We’ll see some of you soon at the convention.  For all those not in attendance, keep a close eye on our podcast feed.  We have a ton of stuff coming out this month.  Until then, Happy Gaming!

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Ep 014 – Buying, Collecting, & the Economy of Board Games

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