We had a ton of fun with this show.  We wanted to try something different and this is what came of that brain fart.  We decided to go through the best of the best songs offered on the 8-Bit NES.  Some of these songs are really well known and some are probably a little more obscure.

We decided not to rank anything, instead focusing entirely on the magic of the songs and the ability of the NES to truly engage the player through these tracks.  That being said, while this list of songs is fun, its even more fun to listen to some of those cringe worthy songs.  We added a few of those gems for your listening enjoyment.

Side note:  The volume on this particular episode was rather difficult to keep steady.  We apologize and although it may be a bit wonky its nothing too terrible.

All of that being said, please enjoy the Songs of the NES and as always, Happy Gaming!

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Ep 015 – Songs of the NES

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