BGG Con 2015

How does one start an article describing the single greatest board gaming event of 2015?  BGG Con 2015 just came and went in the blink of an eye and we are mostly all better for having attended her.  We’ll miss BGG Con but rest in the assurance that we will see it again in less than a year.

In this episode the team at I, Geek discusses their experience at BGG Con 2015 outlining many of the following:

  • The somewhat foolish, yet amazing decision to be first in line, no matter what!
  • Experiences of BGG Con 2015
  • Meeting fans of the show!
  • Differences from BGG Con 2015 and previous Cons
  • Interviewing board game designers
  • A rundown of all the games they played
  • Initial reactions to many of the hot games as well as follow up discussions on each game
  • Finally the guys go through a lightening fast rundown of games they played that didn’t get a reaction clip.  These include games that may not have been new this year or simply games they played on their own with others

In all this was one of the most successful BGG Cons we’ve attended.  We managed to wait out the night before the Con, getting in line around 11 pm the previous evening.  We played games, video games, and simply had some great conversations.  We met up with some fans of the show and absolutely loved every second of each conversation.  Thanks to anyone who said “hi” and thanks to those of you who continue to support this growing pet project of ours.

BGG Con 2015

One last thing before we go.  We initially wanted to do a two part BGG Con special where we mixed in 2 fifteen minute interviews into the podcast itself.  We quickly called an audible after the first two interview went considerably longer than 15 minutes and decided that all of the interviews were fantastic enough to share in total.  Therefore we’ll be doing this BGG Con recap show followed by a 4 part block of board game designer interviews from the following designers:

  • Seth Jaffee – the creator of Eminent Domain
  • Don Lloyd – the creator of Dark Horse and the owner of Knight Works, LLC
  • Rikki Tahta – the creator of Coup, the owner of La Mame games and a fast friend of I, Geek
  • TC Petty, III – the creator of the VivaJava series and the upcoming Xenon Profiteer

Look forward to these interview episodes over the next couple of weeks!

We now have a little over 350 days remaining before we re-rack and do it all over again with BGG Con 2016!  A special thank you to Jeff Anderson and his crew for putting together another wonderful Con experience.  Until next year we’ll continue to bring you the best possible board and video gaming content we can provide.  In the meantime, continue gaming, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we’ll see you on the show!

Happy Gaming!

BGG Con 2015

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Ep 016 – BGG Con 2015 Recap Extravaganza!!

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