A young cop from the Bronx finds himself injured on the job.  Having only nubs for hands, he looks to the Law and Order Regulatory Division to help him fulfill his mission of revenge.  Giving him new metal hands, Steve “Shatterhand” Hermann is able to punch with the power of 100 strategic missiles.  With his newly obtained powers, Shatterhand now is tasked with the mission to defeat Metal Command.

This game redefines hand-to-hand combat in the 21st century… along with all the standards for single-player action games for the NES. Seven levels of programmed adventure – you choose the action! State-of-the-art graphics featuring 8-direction scrolling! “Anti-gravity” levels force you to fight upside-down! Armed “satellite robots” assist you in battle. No arms on Earth can withstand the power in your hands!


Shatterhand  Old Shatterhand

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#90 – Shatterhand

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