Don Lloyd

In the second installment of our BGG.Con 2015 interview series, the I, Geek team sits down with the creator of Dark Horse and the owner of Knight Works, LLC, Mr. Don Lloyd.

Don was introduced to the team a few years ago at BGG.Con 2013 when we talked him into running us through his game, Dark Horse.  We’ve stayed in contact with him ever since and always look forward to seeing each other in Dallas during the convention.  This year, we reached out to him regarding an interview and we are privileged to be able to sit and discuss not only Dark Horse but many other new games in the pipeline for Knight Works.

If you are unfamiliar with Knight Works or Dark Horse, you may want to become acquainted soon.  As you will hear in the interview Don has a lot of really exciting things in the works, including a new game by a very popular designer.  Besides that, two of the games coming out from Knight Works look to be right in the wheelhouse of a great many gamers.

Take a listen and support a growing board game company!

Happy Gaming!


The music selection for this episode is: Max Flashback by Lee Rosevere

Episode music provided by Free Music Archive

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Ep 018 – I, Geek interviews Don Lloyd

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