I, Geek had the honor and privilege to sit down and discuss one of the hobby’s unsung heroes in Rikki Tahta, the creator of Coup.

We met Rikki last year at the BGG.Con 2014 and hit it off like gangbusters.  In fact the picture at the top of this article was taken last year after a few rousing games of Spyfall.  After last year’s convention, many of the I, Geek team stayed in contact with Rikki discussing new games, playtesting some ideas, and just having some generally awesome conversations.

When we started the podcast a few months ago one of the ideas we had was to try and set up some interviews at BGG.Con 2015.  We started naming off names of people we’d like to sit and discuss ideas with and Rikki’s name was the first one we all thought of.

In an ever growing hobby with massive Euro style board games, there’s been a movement in the direction of social gaming.  Rikki’s Coup fits that bill nicely with its easy to learn rules and quick to pick up mechanics.  If you haven’t played the game, we here at I, Geek highly recommend it.

Thanks again Rikki for your time at the Con.  Can’t wait until next year.

Happy Gaming!


The music selection for this episode is: Max Flashback by Lee Rosevere

Episode music provided by Free Music Archive

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Ep 019 – I, Geek Interviews Rikki Tahta

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