In our final installment for the BGG.Con 2015 interview series, Lee and Mark sit down with T.C. Petty, III to discuss VivaJava, both the base game and the dice version, as well as his newest release, Xenon Profiteer and other ideas he has in the works.

To say this was a fun interview would be an understatement.  Petty is, for lack of a better descriptor, a ham and very quick witted to boot.  Bouncing that off of Lee’s stoic humor and Mark’s downright idiocy really melded well together.

The guys found a room near the top level of the hotel during the con and immediately jumped into VivaJava.  As has been accounted many times on the show, the fellas have had a few interesting run ins with VivaJava, from the first time playing it, to trying to play a goofed up copy out of the BGG library.  In all, it didn’t matter in the least.  Pretty much every member of I, Geek now owns a copy of VivaJava and Mark has both it and the dice game.

The conversation evolves into something a little more comedic as they continue until it gets downright funny.  Instead of outlining everything that happened here, we’ll leave the episode for you to listen to.

One last thing before you go.  The I, Geek team will be doing a live recording at the Duncanville Bookstore this coming Saturday December 12th.  We’ll be arriving around 2pm for an event that day and would love to see any locals drop by.  For more information check out the Duncanville Bookstore Facebook page.

Happy Gaming!


The music selection for this episode is: Max Flashback by Lee Rosevere

Episode music provided by Free Music Archive

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Ep 020 – I, Geek Interviews T.C. Petty, III

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