We recently had the pleasure of joining our friends at the Duncanville Bookstore (DBS) for a fun filled afternoon of Dice Masters and conversation.  Bryan Hodges joined us to run us through the different hot items they’ve been selling and wax poetically about the industry of board gaming.

We started off discussing some of the oddities we’ve seen with recent pricing of some of the hotter games before inviting Bryan to join us.  The conversation was a lot of fun to say the least and its pretty obvious that Bryan and the staff at the DBS have some serious knowledge about board gaming, toys, comics, and all manner of geeky things.

Nearing the end of the show Sten, Brian, and Mark get into a discussion of holiday gaming traditions and memories.  You won’t want to miss this conversation as we travel down memory lane discussing how each of our families come together during the holidays to play and have fun.

Thanks again to the DBS and their wonderful staff for hosting our recording.  We had a ton of fun and the conversations were great.

The last few months have been a ton of fun as we started this whole thing back in mid August.  We’ve grown a lot more than any of us expected and we certainly hope we’ve been entertaining at the very least.  2016 promises to be a fantastic year for our hobby and we hope you continue listening and laughing throughout the year.

Have a wonderful holiday season in whatever way you choose to celebrate.  Be safe and we’ll see you all again in 2016.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 021 – I, Geek Live at the DBS

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