A Happy 2016 to all I, Geek fans far and wide!

The gang sits down to discuss board gaming in 2016, gaming resolutions this year, upcoming gaming applications, and where I, Geek is going from this point forward.

Lots of fun things in store for our fledgling show both through this site and YouTube.  The plan is simple… whatever we enjoy discussing, filming, or playing, we’re going to try to put into some sort of entertainment format.

Should be fun!

Highlights of this show and things to think about:

  • We’ll be starting a third show to accompany the Board Game and Video Game shows.  That show will be all about Star Wars.
  • Mark has recently been writing articles discussing certain aspects of Star Wars on his article thread.
  • Some online gaming applications are coming out that we’re super psyched about.
  • Steve has a great idea for a short board gaming video that we could do to help out those in the hobby.
  • Steve and Mark are getting into the mid 80’s on their Top 100 NES Games of All Time videos on YouTube.

We’re pretty excited about 2016.  We hope you stick around, pass the word, and help us grow through the year.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 022 – Ringing in 2016 with Board Gaming!

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