Mark and Steven are back in 2016 to discuss video gaming and everything that entails.  In this episode the guys discuss the upcoming year in gaming.  This includes upcoming games, events, and the future of I, Geek going forward.

Outside of the normal discussion of nothing but retro, the guys get into news of the bigger games they’re looking forward to.  This includes a discussion of PS4 & PC releases as well as remakes like the upcoming Final Fantasy VII re-release.

The guys then get into one of their favorite bi-annual events known as Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick.  These are two major events devoted to speed running all manner of games.  AGDQ and SGDQ are not just about gaming as they both raise money for a number of different foundations.  Take a listen to see what the guys have to say about the events.

The last thing the guys discuss is the future of I, Geek.  The Podcast will be continuing as it has been since its inception back in the summer of 2015.  However, the guys will be adding new content going forward.  Below is a list of new and old I, Geek offerings:

Continuing content:

  • I, Geek Podcast (board gaming and general geekiness)
  • I, Geek Retrospective (video gaming)
  • I, Geek’s Top 100 NES Games of All Time (both on YouTube and this site)
  • I, Geek Plays Games (articles of board gaming fun)
  • Mark’s Blog – Overhead… the stars were going out

New content:

  • I, Geek Star Wars (a podcast about Star Wars)
  • I, Geek Set-Up (a YouTube video series on board game set-up)

We certainly hope you had a wonderful 2015 and we wish you well in this next year.  As always, pass the word to friends about our site and content.  We’ll keep posting if you keep listening.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 023 – Retrospective talks 2016

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