Mark here.  This retrospective episode is a little different than normal.  In this episode I take the mic all by my lonesome.  Due to some scheduling issues and a lack of anything resembling good timing, I decided to attempt a solo podcast.  At first I was concerned I wouldn’t have much to say.  I did my research, had an idea, and then found I wouldn’t shut up once I pushed “record.”

That being said…

In this solo episode I delve into some speculation on the upcoming Zelda title for the Wii U.  News has recently surfaced of a possible “sooner-rather-than-later” release date that will coincide with the upcoming HD update release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.  True or not, this game has to come out at some point!

Zelda Wii U

I also go into the recent backlash from the Fine Brothers trademark decisions.  If you aren’t familiar with the Fine Brothers, their YouTube Channel, or what happened, take a listen and I’ll fill you in.

I finish off the solo episode with a journey through my Steam Account.  In particular I go into the games I’ve been playing through Steam within the last year and finish it off with one of my most recent purchases and a highlight of recent weeks, Darkest Dungeon.

Darkest Dungeon

Side note: there are a few times when the audio seems clipped and edited.  I think this was due to me recording on the same computer that I was using to pull up different articles.  My best guess is my computer freaked out and caused the weird clipped moments in the recording.

Enjoy the solo show and let me know what you think!

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 027 – Mark Goes Retrospective Han Style… Solo

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