The Gallerist

Lee, Brian, and Mark sit down to discuss a few different topics in this first episode of February 2016.  Being that Sten is on vacation the trio takes advantage of the opportunity to discuss 3 player games.  An interesting topic to say the least as there aren’t a ton of different 3 player only games in existence.  However, they don’t simply discuss 3 player only games, instead deciding to also discuss games that play well with 3 players.

Next the guys tap into their artistic side by discussing art in gaming.  They outline their favorite artwork in gaming and how that impacts, or doesn’t, the game overall.

All of this leads to a discussion of the game, The Gallerist by Vital Lacerda.  Mentioned a few times before on the show, The Gallerist has become a quick favorite of many of the members of I, Geek.  A fun game with an oddly fun title, The Gallerist is a game all about the art world.  You take on the role of a Gallery owner, or a Gallerist, who participates in the buying, marketing, and selling of pieces of art.  It’s a fantastic game with a lot going on.  Here what the guys have to say, but this is a game you’ll want to check out soon.

With a topic so full of art and artistry, you’d almost think these guys have a clue about that particular outlet of expression, but you’d be wrong.  All the same, they really get into the impact of good artwork, and sometimes bad artwork, in gaming and how that can really make or break a game.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 025 – Art in gaming & The Gallerist

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