Mark here.  My brother Sten has many qualities.  He’s a great father, a hilarious human being, and he knows when something isn’t his cup of tea.  Now, for the low, low price of your time, you too can witness his epic give up in the first minute of play with our most recent addition to the NES Top 100 Games of All Time.  Coming in at #87 and obviously Sten’s favorite-run-and gun of all time is the rather controversial and altogether fun play of Guerrilla War.

Guerrilla War

Released in 1987 by SNK, it plays similarly, but in my opinion much better, than Ikari Warriors released the previous year.  In the American release of the game you take on the role of two unnamed revolutionaries in the middle of their heroic fight against another unnamed tyrannical dictator.  Basically the plot of most 80’s Cold War inspired movies.

Little did we freedom-loving Americans know but in actuality the two unnamed assailants are none other than Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as they attempt to overthrow Cuba’s Batista regime.  Guerrilla War indeed.  Well played SNK.  Well played.

All you need to do is look at the original title of the game.  In Japan the game was released as Guevara.  For obvious issues, namely being at the height of the Cold War in the 1980’s and the embargo enacted on Cuba by John Kennedy, as well as the not-soon-forgotten Cuban Missile Crisis, localisation teams opted to make the game more generic, thus Guerrilla War became the much more palatable title.

Guerrilla War

In all, the game is a very solid run-and-gun.  Tough in some areas, hilarious in others, this game gives you the feel of Ikari Warriors while being far more adaptable then the previously named title and much more accepted than the arcade version.

Enjoy the video and as always…

Happy Gaming!

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#87 Guerrilla War

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