A board game episode covering the recent ticket sales of BGG Con 2016 and a discussion on what makes Ameritrash different.

Quick side note before we begin.  We were working with a new laptop on this episode and our mics were a little hotter than expected at parts.  Our apologies for this.  We’ll get back to normal in our next podcast.

This episode can be broken into two separate topics.  We covered the recent lightening fast sale of the 2016 Board Game Geek Convention and the reaction of those who didn’t manage to get a ticket as well as what this might mean for the major convention going forward.  A specially thanks to Jeff Anderson, the guru of BGG.Con and the coordinator of that great event.  We reached out to him on the topic of the ticket sales and he graciously offered commentary.

After BGG Con ticket sale talk we get into the lead topic discussing Ameritrash games and what that term means.  Love it or hate it, it’s hard to deny that the term Ameritrash has become a commonplace descriptor in our hobby.  Furthermore, there’s not any well defined parameters by which a game is singularly defined as an Ameritrash or Euro.  Are these two terms mutually exclusive from one another?  Are they the two umbrellas that define all board games?  In essence this is the heart of our discussion.

For our listener’s convenience we want to give you approximate time stamps in case you aren’t interested in certain topics of discussion.  We get into talk of the BGG Convention ticket sales immediately following our intro music.  However if you’d prefer to get to the title topic over Ameritrash games then you will want to skip to 22:01.

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Sten and Mark will return shortly with a Retrospective and Star Wars episode.  Until then we certainly hope you enjoy this look into the growth of the BGG Convention and our discussion on Ameritrash games.

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 028 – What defines a good Ameritrash?

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