The Legend of Zelda

In the wake of the release of Twilight Princess this month and the, hopefully, impending release or, more likely, updated information for a release of The Legend of Zelda Wii U, Mark and Sten decide to spend some time discussing the game that started it all… The Legend of Zelda for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Much like Super Mario Bros. or Contra, The Legend of Zelda defines the 8-Bit generation.  It’s transcended the ages of electronic gaming and continues to be a very lucrative pull for the Nintendo Corporation both here in the United States as well as Europe and Japan.

Mark and Sten go back to where it all started and discuss the importance of the game as well as their memories from the late 80’s when they had the honor and privilege of buying the game new and seeing that iconic gold cartridge emerge from its packaging.  Adventure video gaming hasn’t been the same since.

Aside from their lovefest of The Legend of Zelda, the guys also give a quick tip of the cap to a friend of the podcast, discuss the newly released footage and discussion of No Man’s Sky, and talk about the most recent news for the upcoming Ready Player One movie adaptation.

The Legend of Zelda

We hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane as we discuss one of our favorite games of all time.  Stay tuned on our podcast channel as we will be returning soon with another Star Wars episode discussing the most recent Episode VIII news as well as an in depth look at Finn.

In the meantime, here’s some sage-like advice.

The Legend of Zelda

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Ep 029 – The Legend of Zelda (NES)

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