So many interesting bits of news have come out recently regarding Star Wars and all we here at I, Geek can do is try and keep up.  In today’s show we discuss the newly released concept art for the Knights of Ren, the short list of actors to play the young Han Solo, some Daisy Ridley news regarding her body, some Star Wars Rebels discussion, and a rather interesting take on Snoke’s origins.  Of course all of this is topped off with a full discussion of the Stormtrooper we all fell in love with, FN-2187, or simply Finn.

As promised here are some images of the concept art for the Knights of Ren.  Enjoy!


Knights of RenDillon Knights of Ren

The 3 actors on the short list to play a young Han Solo.  Who would you pick?


Young Han Solo short list
L-R: Alden Ehrenreich, Jack Reynor, & Taron Egerton

Some recent and rather interesting theories have surfaced about Finn.  We didn’t quite have time to get into theories regarding Finn, so we felt it necessary to outline those theories here.  Of course some are better than others so feel free to comment below or on Facebook and Twitter with your thoughts regarding these theories.

  • Could Finn be Force sensitive?  Did we see evidence of this in Episode VII?
  • Is Finn’s parentage important to the story at all?  If so, is he related to someone we’ve already met?
  • Could Finn be Luke Skywalker’s son?  (I have a look of derision even typing this one)
  • Finn and Poe may become romantically involved.  Abrams and Hamill both recently discussed the possibility of homosexual characters in the Star Wars universe.  Follow the links to see what they each had to say.
  • Finn, not Rey, is the new Luke Skywalker type character of the Star Wars universe.

There are more an more ideas and theories coming out every week.  We’ll attempt to stay on top of everything as it surfaces.  As always:


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Ep 030 – Star Wars Talk: Finn

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