This month’s board game episode gets into a few different topics, not least of which is exploring the current questions being raised regarding Asmodee and their seemingly suspicious business practices.  We also discuss some board gaming iOS App news and we finish off our long conversation by defining the term “Euro”  before delving into each of our top 5 Euro games list.

We’ve tried to keep our finger on the pulse of the board gaming industry as best we can.  We research as much as possible, contact those we wish to question, and try to approach things as unbiased as possible.  Such is the case with the recent “controversy” surrounding Asmodee North America.  Sten leads the discussion on Asmodee and the questions being raised against them.  Mark and Lee take on the role of optimistic and pessimistic board game consumers as we try to talk through Asmodee’s moves and interviews.  What we have is a conversation not unlike many happening online and at many game night tables.  We hope you enjoy the discussion, while also encouraging you to look into everything before making a decision for yourself.

Apps have become a wonderful way to get the feel of a board game between the larger game nights.  We’ve all found ourselves sitting down to play that app at one point or another and as innovators push the limits of what our phones can do, we begin to get bigger and better board gaming apps to scratch that itch.  Here we discuss Pathfinders being delayed once again and what that might mean.  We also take a look at the new Descent companion app set to make our set up lives a ton easier.  iOS formatted games may not be for everyone, but its hard to deny that they’ve made an indelible mark on our leisure time.

Finally we define the atypical Euro.  A quick and simple description of a genre of board gaming equivalent to a fine glass of wine.  Oft times dry with a heavy body and an aftertaste that will remind you of the experience you just had for days to come.  The Euro is what brought many of us to the hobby because they defined a paradigm shift in gaming.  Whether its the classic Settlers of Catan, the lighter fare like Ticket to Ride, or the heaviest possible Euro on the market in Hansa Teutonica, the Euro has changed gaming forever.  We discuss these aspects of the Euro before sharing our top 5 favorite Euro games of all time.


We hope you enjoy the episode and encourage you to share it with other like minded individuals.  As a reminder we also do a retro video game show as well as our altogether new Star Wars show.  Thanks and as always:

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 031 – Asmodee, Apps, and our Top 5 Euro Games of All Time

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One thought on “Ep 031 – Asmodee, Apps, and our Top 5 Euro Games of All Time

  • April 19, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    I finally realized why you thought Hansa Teutonica was so (literally) heavy – I had both the expansion boards in my box along with base game. That added some heft. Ha!


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