L-R: Mark, Brian, Jeff, and Sten

A note before we start:  We’re acutely aware that this episode won’t be everyone.  If you aren’t interested in the Board Game Geek Convention or how a convention of this caliber runs then you may want to skip the episode.

As promised, the guys at I, Geek had a sit down with the one and only guru of the Board Game Geek Convention, Mr. Jeff Anderson.  We were given the opportunity to meet Jeff at his house which also happens to hold the massive BGG Library.  It was a sight to behold indeed.

Before I forget, Jeff was kind enough to drop some pretty significant convention related news during the episode.  You won’t want to miss out.

Instead of discussing the interview in this article, we’ll simply let the conversation speak for itself.  However, a few things before we end.  A special thanks to Jeff Anderson and his family for letting us visit with them for the afternoon.  Our conversation was insightful and fun to say the least.  Second, being able to see the hanger, or warehouse if you prefer, filled with a massive portion of board gaming was simply a sight to behold.  If you ever get the chance, and Jeff is willing to have you out to his place, we recommend the visit.  Lastly, we’ll all be attending the Spring Con coming up here at the end of May.  If you’re attending and wish to have a game with us, we’d be happy to oblige.  Simply drop us a message either here on the site or through Twitter and Facebook.

See you at the Con and as always…

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 033 – An afternoon with Jeff Anderson… and the BGG library!

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