Spiel des Jahres

The Spiel des Jahres may seem foreign to some unfamiliar with today’s growing hobby board game market.  However, for the last three decades the Spiel des Jahres has been the name that defined good gaming in Europe.  Within the last decade the term has made its way into the vernacular of many western gamers.  What’s more the choices of winners over the past three decades have confused and caused some here in America to raise their eyebrows.  We decided to sit down and have a discussion about the Spiel des Jahres and try to understand what this European board game accolade is all about.

The conversation moves from a discussion of what the award is and somehow migrates to Sten attempting to convince the rest of us that the judges might be on the take.  His accusations are of course based on nothing other than his own wild imagination.  Near the end of the podcast we get into our predictions for this year’s Spiel nominations and possible winners.  If you weren’t aware the nominations will be coming out soon and winners will be chosen soon after that.

One other thing you may or may not be aware of is that many of the Spiel des Jahres judges will be attending next weekend’s BoardGameGeek Spring Convention here in the DFW area.  The convention is currently sold out, but this seems to be a new annual event for the judges to attend so make sure you get out there next year if you’d like to speak with them about the voting process.

That’s it for this month’s board game episode.  We certainly hope you enjoy our rather hilarious attempt to speak some German board game titles and break down the #1 board game award on the planet.

Until next time…

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 035 – Spiel des Jahres predictions and discussion

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