To date, we’ve outlined the newest characters from the The Force Awakens as well as rumors about upcoming movies.  We decided to take a month off to regroup and figure out what our next series of Star Wars episodes would focus on.  We decided to do a “Top 5, Bottom 5” of each of the movies including the infamous Holiday Special.

This turned out to be a lot more fun than either of us thought it would be.  We sometimes come across as “dyed in the wool” fan boys, but rest assured, we are a bit more critical than you may realize.  Being able to look at the movies objectively through a lens of good and bad really helps a person put their passions into perspective.

All of that being said we certainly hope you enjoy our “Top 5, Bottom 5” lists.  We will be covering each of the moves moving backward numerically.  Next month we’ll cover Return of the Jedi, followed by Empire Strikes Back.  We’ll work our way through the entire saga until we reach the ultimate challenge of finding a Top 5 for the Star Wars Holiday Special.

In the episode we also cover the latest news involving Rogue One and their re-shoots.  We skip the Episode VIII rumor mill, so don’t worry about spoilers if you’re trying to avoid them.  And finally we cover the rather brief mentions of Star Wars gaming at the recent E3 mega gaming conference.

Enjoy and as always…


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Ep 038 – Star Wars: Top 5, Bottom 5 of The Force Awakens

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