Welcome to I, Geek’s most recent board game episode chalked full of Pokemon Go talk!  We couldn’t help ourselves and yet, we don’t care to apologize for it either.

In this episode we start with Nintendo’s newest app release and one that seems to have taken the country by storm, Pokemon Go.  If nothing else, the app has gotten thousands of kids off the summer couch and out into the sunshine.  Heck, our families at I, Geek have gotten into the fun.  We’ve been taking late night walks to close by Pokestops to not only catch ’em all but to get some fresh air and exercise.

After we finish gushing over Pokemon, we finally get into board game discussion with some of the latest games we’ve tried as well as general news and rumors out of Origins.  One thing we discuss is the recently announced Kinderspiel des Jahres winner.  This also led to some of the most tense board game debates we’ve ever had on the show.  There are some pretty hot opinions about what should and shouldn’t win the upcoming Kennerspiel and Spiel awards.  Either way, our discussions end somewhat amicably.

We finish our show off with a spotlight on an I, Geek favorite, the game Fleet.  This card driven fishing game, its subsequent expansion, and the recently released standalone Fleet: Wharfside are a fun time to be had by any level of gamer.  We discuss the pros and cons of the game as well as our personal opinions.

Enjoy and as always,

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 039 – Fleet, Origins, and Pokemon Go!

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