The time has come once again to start over-analyzing the slew of board games introduced at the mega-show known as Essen Spiel.  Only a month and a half away and yet there are plenty of new games announced for release in late October.

We here at I, Geek are once again going crazy to try all of them, or at the very least, get a good list of those games we’re willing to throw our time and effort at.  In this episode Brian, Sten, and Mark discuss the ever growing list of games being previewed for the upcoming super show in Essen, Germany by analyzing different and varying online sites.  Each of the guys breaks down their personal list of games and then leaves it up for discussion with the group.

If you’ve listened to the show before, many of these games, developers, and publishers may be familiar.  Mark has a particular love for anything associated with 2F-Spiel and will jump all over anything related to those little green boxes coming out of Essebn.  Sten has the same affinity for Stefan Feld while Brian obsessively collects Alea games.  Unfortunately for both of these guys, Alea and Feld are pretty quiet thus far.  That may change as the list of potential games at the show continues to grow.

Give the episode a listen and see if there are any games we forgot to mention that you are particularly looking forward to.  One note:  We didn’t really discuss any expansions, though there is no short of Essen expansion releases.  We’ve thought it might be interesting to do an entire episode devoted to expansions being released this year.
As always, Happy Gaming!

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Ep 042 – Essen Spiel 2016 Preview

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