Oh Munchkin. The game no one wanted with the expansions no one cares for.

In a follow up to our recent show about new games releasing at the Essen Spiel convention next month, we’ve decided to sit and discuss the multitude of expansions coming out.

In recent years, expansions have become almost as abundant as base games with every Tom, Dick, and Harry creating more for their original game whether it needed it or not.

In this show we talk about promos, expansions, and any other fun Essen Spiel news we can find.

Side note: in our fervor for all of these new games we misspoke on one or two expansions.  In particular we discussed the expansion for Merchants and Marauders which has actually already released.  The one releasing at Essen is a different language.  This means that while it isn’t particularly new, it wasn’t on our radar and we discussed it all the same.

That being said, we hope you enjoy the show and as always…

Happy Gaming!

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Ep 043 – Essen Part II Expansion Preview

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