return of the jedi

The second installment in I, Geek’s lighthearted look at the entire franchise of Star Wars movies.  Sten and Mark get into a conversation about Episode VI: Return of the Jedi discussing the wonders of the closing chapter in the original trilogy.  Of course in this Top5/Bottom5 list they’ve created, you’ll hear mention of the lovable Ewoks, who’s stock seems to have risen over the last few decades since the arrival of terrible mainstay, Jar Jar Binks.  You’ll also hear a discussion on the horrible decisions made by George Lucas in his ill-fated attempt to remaster his masterful work.  In all they’ve put together a list of the best and the worst the movie had to offer.

return of the jedi

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We hope you enjoyed this lighthearted romp through Return of the Jedi.  Next month the guys will tackle the indefatigable Episode V: Empire Strikes Back.  Can they even create a Bottom5 list?  They’ve accepted the challenge.


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Ep 044 – Return of the Jedi Top5/Bottom5

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