Tecmo Bowl

This episode couldn’t have been recorded at a more opportune time.  Within hours of recording this show we saw the airing of the new Bo Jackson Kia commercial (see below for both commercials) using the old NES Tecmo Bowl as the backdrop.  Even in 2016 this game is relevant.  And what a game it was!

In this retro gaming episode we cover all the wonder that is Tecmo Bowl and its eventual successor Tecmo Super Bowl.  Both outstanding sports games in a league all their own.  Surrounded on all sides by garbage football games for the NES, these games made Friday night sleepovers a full blown Tournament of Champions!  The best part is that the game is still super cheap and super available.  Grab an NES and get a copy of the game.

Your 12-year old self will thank you.
Tecmo Bowl

What’s more, there’s a Kickstarter for a new Board Game heavily inspired by Tecmo Bowl.  Techno Bowl is one of those amazingly nostalgic throw back board games that appear from time to time.  But unlike other retro style 8-bit graphics, this one is all about football.  Check it out and back it if you can.  As of the publication of this article and podcast there are 4 days left.  Join the I, Geek crew and grab a copy.

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Ep 045 – Retrospective: Tecmo Bowl

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