The Bloody Inn

All Hallows Eve is nigh upon us once again and I, Geek has decided to join in the fun with a “spooky” episode all their own.  Themes aside, the guys have decided to step things up a notch and create some new segments in their shows.  Introduced in today’s episode is a new segment called Board Game Quickhits.  This is a chance for the guys to go over some games in less detail than they usually might.  It’s a quick peek into the game, what makes it tick, and what they thought overall of the game.  The second new segment is History in Gaming (sometimes to be replaced with Gaming in History if the topic calls for it).  This is Mark’s pet project as he’s a consummate researcher who spends too much time prepping for his history classes and thought the show would benefit from this look at where the stories of games come from.  Lee too has expressed his desire to focus on some games so this will most likely become a regular segment in the show.

The guys briefly discuss a few things they’re looking forward to coming out of Essen Spiel as well as new updated information about the upcoming Fall BGG.Con 2016.  With the fall convention a mere two and a half weeks away the guys have been hard at work preparing for new interviews as well as being given access to the Exhibitor Hall with media early access.  Fine tuning which games to showcase when there are 80+ vendors on hand is a tall task indeed.

In all we hope you enjoy this Halloween themed episode.  If you’d like to see more episodes of this nature or you particularly liked a segment, comment below with your thoughts.

Thanks and as always!


Music used from: Flash_MX (Creepy Theme 02)
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Ep 046 – Spookiness abounds with The Bloody Inn

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