Empire Strikes Back

This was certainly not the easiest episode to put together.  Judging something as sacred as Empire is particularly tough as it is truly a cinematic masterpiece with very few flaws.  It also set the standard for all other sequels and created a blueprint for what a Joseph Campbell-esque story should look like.  In the storied history of cinema, Empire Strikes Back ranks as one of the finest works ever created and we at I, Geek hold it in the highest regard.

All of that being said, we ripped this sucker apart!

Of course we do get into the news this week, a segment we’re beginning to call “Half the Battle” though you will notice we forgot to mention that this week so we missed out on the icon G.I. Joe sound off.  Alas, it’s still a work in progress and crazy crap happens each episode.

The news covers the Star Wars Battlefront 2 announcement as well as a few mentions of Episode VIII and Rogue One.  After that we get into the Top5/Bottom5 of the world’s favorite sequel.  This was not an easy task to say the least.  The Top5 by itself was tough as there are so many amazing things going on in Empire.  We whittled it down to the 5 things we find the be the most amazing.  The Bottom5 on the other hand was far simpler than we both originally thought it would be.  Turns out there are a handful of things within Empire that could have been better.  Most of these are nitpicking but alas, we have a Bottom5 list and have to fill it with something.

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a surprise Top5/Bottom5 List.  It should air just before the Christmas Holiday break.

Enjoy, share with your friends, and head over to YouTube to check out some of the latest content from I, Geek.  We just returned from Board Game Geek Convention and will be uploading new content from the Con.

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Ep 047 – The Empire Strikes Back: Top5/Bottom5

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