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Fuji Flush

Brian's ReviewsBrian

  • Pros: Quick filler that is actually quite fun. You can teach this game to pretty much all ages and it plays up to 8 people. I can see this game being great to break out at family get togethers. Even at 8 players this game plays quickly and actually may even create more tense moments than a smaller play group due to the fact that your card has a higher chance of getting flushed. You’re probably going to be playing this game more often with people who don’t understand your need to sleeve the cards and keep them protected. Luckily, the card quality is good and the price point is low enough that you don’t need to worry about sleeving or bend cards from all those corner flickers you play with. The cards are a little thinner than a Bicycle playing card, but have about the same give and feel. If you have Coloretto or another Rio Grande small card box game, that’s the quality you’re looking at.
  • Cons: The card distribution is a bit wonky, and sometimes you just get dealt low cards you can never really do anything with.
  • Summary: I played this game in between almost every other game at BGG.Con 2016. It’s a fun little filler that can provide lots of laughter and doesn’t take up much time. I don’t know if this will be my go to filler, but it will definitely be making its rounds every now and then for the foreseeable future.
  • Rating:  I give it a fun 5/10

Mark's ReviewsMark

  • Pros: What’s not to love about a small green box filler game from Friedemann Friese?  A simple rule set that virtually any level of gamer can learn within a matter of minutes.  Quick game play that allows for some fun reveals as certain cards are played causing others to be flushed.  This game is surprisingly more fun than I originally thought it might be.  Even as a staunch supporter of Friese games I almost completely bypassed this title due to its simplistic style.  Plus, what video reviews exist didn’t try very hard to make this game look like much.  That has the be the biggest pro I have to offer.  The game seems too simple for a gaming group and turns out to be a great filler that you will want to play again and again.  Finally, the game plays 3-8!  For a tiny box with a deck of cards, that’s a lot of players at the table per game component ratio and that is decidedly a win in my book.
  • Cons: The title and theme are a little odd.  Obviously Friese was sticking with his 2F shtick and that’s fine, but I don’t understand what Fuji has to do with anything?  Why not Frankfurt Flush?  Alas that’s neither here nor there.  The only true con I have is the total non-decisions you have in the game.  This is simply a filler game with nearly zero thought process put into your decision making.  At the same time this is a bit of a plus as this game came in very handy at BGG.Con 2016.  Between the heftier games we pulled out Fuji Flush and had some massive games going that took mere minutes and ignited laughter.  So I guess I really have no con.
  • Summary: Again, I didn’t know what to expect with this game and ultimately pulled the trigger on a purchase due to this being a Friese game.  I own many of his other small box games and I’ve always enjoyed them for their filler role.  To speak a bit more to this game’s appeal, at the recent BGG.Con 2016 we got this game to the table at least a dozen times.  It’s quick and fun enough to keep you laughing and having a good time.  It would get tiresome quickly if you did nothing but play this over and over, but in its role as a filler game it hits the spot.
  • Rating: I rate another of Friese’s small box games, Funf Gurken (Five Cucumbers), a 6 when compared to other similar filler games.  Based on that I’d give Fuji Flush a 6.5.  It’s slightly better than Funf Gurken in my opinion and will hit the table more.

Sten's ReviewsSten

  • Pros: Fun and Fast. Those are the two words that best describe this game.  If you like playing Uno you will love this game. It has the same winning condition without all the tedious draw four and skip cards.  Everyone is trying to win, but you will find yourself teaming up with others to knock off the guy that just laid down the 20pt card.  I really enjoyed each time we played this game, and it seemed like it hit the table between every other game at BGG.Con 2016.
  • Cons: No major cons, They just  missed a fun opportunity to make the inside of the box look like a toilet.  Every time we would flush other people’s cards we would make a flushing noise and kept commenting on the fact we should be putting these cards in a small toilet bowl.  
  • Summary:  As quick non-thinking card games go, this might be the best.  Everyone should own a copy of Fuji Flush.
  • Rating: From Scotts 1000 to Charmin Ultra Soft. I give this game a solid Kirkland Signature.

Lee's ReviewsLee

  • Pros: Quick filler can be played with little thinking involved or more competitively with a bit of concentration. Very easy to teach and play.
  • Cons: Missed discards happen often with rapid play or players not paying attention, thus requiring the need to double check everyone’s status from time to time. Subject to groupthink play style at times.
  • Summary: This Friedemann Friese game proved to be a nice distraction between games as a way to wind down or just to have something to play while waiting to start another game. It’s bound to incite equal parts laughter and frustration as players work to avoid a flush while looking for opportunities to flush rivals either individually or by working together using combined cards. It handles a larger group nicely without dragging on too long.
  • Rating: I rate this simple card game a 5/10. It’s fun to play for a quick laugh, but then there’s a plethora of games which fit that bill.
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Fuji Flush – An I, Geek Four-Headed Dragon Review

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