Nintendo, the company that defined many a childhood, has had a very big news cycle over the last month and a half.  A new console, the release of an old classic, and the release dates of games like the newest installment in the Zelda franchise.  There has been a palpable electricity in the air that hasn’t been felt since the release of the SNES back in the early 90’s.  Nintendo is back… not that it really went anywhere.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo NX now has an official name and we shall henceforth know it as The Nintendo Switch.  About five minutes after our last Retrospective episode, Nintendo decided to announce the Switch with an excellent introductory video.  To say we were amazed and excited is a wild understatement.  We discuss our take on the Switch and what this might mean for Nintendo going forward, in particular their handheld consoles.


After this we get into a rather lengthy discussion about the release of the NES Classic Edition.  The NES Classic was released and disappeared within a matter of minutes, being scooped up by the lucky few who happened to be in line to find one.  Stores everywhere were given a handful of the tiny console and the consumer was stuck in the lurch hoping to find a reasonably priced copy in the internet ether.  Alas, the prices from online resalers has spiked and leveled off at the ungodly $250 or thereabouts.  Don’t be duped into buying one for that price as the mini console will make it back to market before you know it.

We discuss the reasons for this truncated release and speculate as to whether or not the Switch or future Classic Edition consoles will see similar releases.  At the same time we run through the list of games offered on the NES Classic Edition as well as the Famicom Classic Edition in Japan.  There are some surprises on the list of games and nearing the end of the show we discuss the games we wish would have been included.

Enjoy the show and have a safe and happy holiday season.  I, Geek has been going strong for well over a year now and we hope to keep doing this as long as possible.  You can help us by giving us a review on iTunes or stopping off at our YouTube Channel and subscribing and liking our content there.  Thanks and as always…


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Ep 048 – The NES Classic Edition

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