The Star Wars Holiday Special
Lumpy loves Life Day!

So the Star Wars guys at I, Geek decided it was high time to get around to reviewing the Star Wars Holiday Special and what follows is their immediate reaction as caught on audio recording.  In the wake of wonderful Star Wars movies like Episode VII and Rogue One it seems silly to think of a time when Star Wars wasn’t all out amazing, prequels notwithstanding.  Let’s face it though, in spite of some big chunks of dumb in the prequels, they were, for all intents and purposes, solid movies that pushed the canon forward and continued building on a strong mythos.  Alas, the Star Wars Holiday Special was one of those attempts to siphon off some of that lightening in a bottle that George Lucas had caught in the summer of 1977.  It wasn’t to be and what remains is a laughable cult classic full of Wookie speak and ham-fisted acting.

The Star Wars Holiday Special
Harrison Ford seems to be dying a slow death

Let’s be clear, this show sucked.  There’s no way around it.  Lucas was pushing the envelope with his ideas at a time when no one would tell him no.  He’d just created cinema history a year earlier and was the talk of Tinsel Town.  He put pen to paper and created the Holiday Special for reasons unknown.  Luckily by the time Empire and Jedi released he was again being guided appropriately by other directors and producers who helped him create two more masterpieces.  By the time the prequels roll around Lucas is once again a man on his own mission with literally no one telling him no.  This leads to some questionable decisions by the star director/writer and the prequels are born to mixed acclaim.

Star Wars Holiday Special
The whole gang made it for Life Day!

Luckily the internet exists and the Star Wars Holiday Special will live on in the memory of the online ether forever and ever.  Because of this we can view the Holiday Special any time we like and once again question our decision making skills.  So sit back and enjoy our romp through the Star Wars Holiday Special!



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Ep 050 – The Star Wars Holiday Special

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