Here's a hint... this one is recent.

Nance from Edge of Tomorrow is part of the infamous J Squad that unknowingly has to repeat the same battle over and over until Lt. Col. Bill Cage can right the ship, so to speak.

This nondescript robot could be from anything! Your guess?

The evil Maximillian is the product and servant of the equally sinister Dr. Hans Reinhardt from Disney's The Black Hole. The movie was a financial flop as Disney was trying to shove into that sweet, sweet Star Wars fan action.

No, that guy's hat does belong to the realm of Sci-Fi! And he is?

Zipacna is a Mayan demon who is said to be very arrogant and violent. Here we have Zipacna as an infamous Goa'uld from season 3 of Stargate SG-1 where he is attempting to argue in a legal dispute over the rights of the body of the very much still alive Skaara.

This pint size pair look up to know good. Who are they?

Boxey and Muffit join the crew of the Battlestar Galactica as it attempts to find Earth. Another attempt to ride the coat tails of the insanely popular Star Wars, this Mormon-religion inspired television show aired one year after Star Wars coming out to TV audiences in 1978. Of course it was revived in the 2000's to much acclaim.

The space man of our dreams?

This Heywood Floyd is from the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. In 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Floyd and the crew of the Soviet built Alexei Leonov are jetting to the gas giant Jupiter to link up with the now derelict Discovery One.

Stylish and ready for his space trip.

A bit of a trick image. This too is Heywood Floyd, though this time from the original 2001: A Space Odyssey. Played by Roy Scheider in 2010, here we have British B Film star William Sylvester who opted not to reprise his role in 2010.

He doesn't look thrilled. Who is he?

Private Hudson played by Bill Paxton gives us the hard edged soldier from Aliens who, in a fit of terror, famously screams "Game over man! Game over!" An epic line from an equally amazing movie!

He looks cold. Who is he?

Hannibal Chew, played by the wonderful James Hong, is part of the investigation in Blade Runner as Rick Deckard tries to hunt down replicants who obviously don't dream of electric sheep. His famous line... "I just do eyes."

The stoic space man is?

Easily the oldest movie on this list, Forbidden Planet came out in 1956 starring a much more serious Leslie Nielsen in the role of Commander Adams. One of the godfather movies of Sci-Fi cinema, this is a must see for any fan of the genre.

You either know him, or you don't.

Lovingly known as Ice Cream Machine Guy or ICMG for short, this is the cult favorite Willrow Hood from Lando's Cloud City on the planet Bespin. When told to hoof it off the planet due to the Empire attacking, paunchy Mr. Hood grabbed the white thing and booked it for the nearest ship. Well done ICMG! Well done!

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