A New Hope

We’ve reached the end of the original trilogy with a look at Star Wars: A New Hope.  This is, for many people above 30 years of age, the thing that started their obsession with Star Wars.  It is the quintessential hero’s journey and one we can watch over and over again.  I know I’ve personally seen this movie at least a hundred times which will sadden some and make many others nod knowingly.  Star Wars: A New Hope started something for me that has run a thin silver line through my life.  I can’t imagine a world without this saga.  I can’t imagine a world where Luke Skywalker didn’t exist or Han Solo wasn’t throwing sass at anyone not named Chewie.  This is simply one of those great moments in cinematic history and one that will live on long after we’re dead…

And we destroyed it with the bottom 5!

I had a blast talking about this movie.  I don’t think I’ve studied a movie or watched one nearly as much as I have A New Hope, so to be able to sit down and nitpick all the stupid details is just good old fashioned fun.

We’ll be returning in a few weeks with a Top5/Bottom5 of Rogue One before delving into the mess of the new trilogy.  Until then, enjoy the show and:


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Ep 052 – A New Hope: Top5/Bottom5

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