The guys were invited to New World Gaming in Frisco, Texas, a new location that had its grand opening and offered an invitation to I, Geek to come out and record.

In this show we talk to the proprietors of New World Gaming and pick their brains on the ins and outs of starting a board gaming store.  A dream of many of we gaming geeks, Matt and Tim made it a reality and they have some interesting insights into what it takes.

We discuss the recent BGG.Con ticket sales and what that means for the hobby and that convention going forward.

We poorly attempt to get into a conversation about minis, something most of us know nothing about.  However we redeem ourselves with a breakdown of the Golden Geek Awards and a brief foray into predictions for the Spiel des Jahres 2017.

Thanks again to Matt and Tim at New World Gaming.  We wish you all the luck in the world and look forward to a continued alliance moving forward.

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Ep 053 – LIVE!! @ New World Gaming

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