If you’ve been paying attention you will notice we seemed to have skipped from episode 53 to 55 and you would not be wrong.  This is due to some scheduling and serendipity if truth be known.  You see, Sten and Mark have recorded a Retrospective show covering the finer points of the NES Classic Ducktales, but due to the topic of this podcast and the date of this show’s release it all kind of works out for the best.

Let me explain…

A while ago we had an idea to introduce a new segment to the show called History in Gaming.  We did our first installment of this in October with The Bloody Inn.  Lee asked to do a segment covering the two-player game 2 De Mayo and the idea fit perfectly with this show.  In the middle of edits on the show Sten pointed out the chance we had to upload on May 2nd of this year and so Euros to the Death was pushed to the front of the line.  It’s a fun little coincidence and something most people won’t recognize or care about, but we here at I, Geek love these little fun facts.  Thus we skipped #54 for the moment and put #55 in its place.  Rest assured, Ducktales will follow shortly!

In this ominously titled show we discuss a little bit of board gaming news before Lee jumps into his history lesson on the ill-fated revolt of the Spanish peasantry on the Second of May.  In his segment, Lee balances his discussion between the history of the game and the game itself.  If you haven’t played this odd little two-player pseudo war game, hopefully Lee’s lecture will convince of it’s well deserved merits.

To close out the show we delve into a tournament bracket of unparalleled proportions as we pit 16 of the most beloved Euro board games against one another in a Battle Royale.  Who will be victorious?  You’ll have to give a listen and find out.  You also may be asking yourself how 4 guys are able to break the ties if each one has a vote.  No worries there as we’ve cobbled together what we’re lovingly referring to as the I, Geek Big Black Board Game Computer.  This sophisticated post-modern work of genius will break the ties if and when they arise.

NOTE: Around minute 53:00 it sounds like all of the background noise immediately dies as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.  There’s a reason for this.  Just as we were going into the second round of the bracket there was a… “scuffle” that required both our pausing of the audio and our attention.  Once things settled back down, some time had passed and the crowd at the M:tG event had dispersed some.  Alas we didn’t break stride and jumped right back into our tourney.  You’re welcome!

Sit back, judge our stupid bracket, and above all else…



Music by Matt LeGroulx from Free Music Archive.

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Ep 055 – Euros to the DEATH!

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One thought on “Ep 055 – Euros to the DEATH!

  • September 27, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    this was really fun – you should do more bake-offs like this – only problem is they all have to be really well known games


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