NOTE: This episode was recorded a few months ago and has laid dormant in the ether of I, Geek as we were busy with other episodes, game play for reviews, and general summer shenanigans.  That being said we’ve uploaded out of turn and for those of you who spotted this, kudos and thanks for the heads up!  That being said, enjoy this look at the classic NES game Ducktales!

Timestamps for spoilers:

Zelda BotW spoilers start: 11:49

Spoilers end: 24:47


NES Classic Edition discontinued

In this belated episode we discuss a few pressing (at the time at least) gaming issues.  The one we discuss the most is Nintendo’s announcing that the NES Classic Edition (mini) was being discontinued.  We delve into what this might mean and our personal opinions on why Nintendo would make such a decision.  Since the recording of this episode it has been announced that the SNES Classic Edition will be launched within the next few months.  We’ll be covering more on the SNES Classic Edition in an upcoming episode.

Breath of the Wild

We then discuss the Switch and in particular, Breath of the Wild.  There are spoilers so we’ve attached timestamps at the top of this article if you’d like to skip that discussion.  We spend some time talking about the merits of this modern day classic before also getting into some of the things the game really tends to miss on.

Finally we discuss the titular game in Ducktales, the classic NES version.  This game has a special place in our hearts for a number of reasons which we talk about in the episode.  That being said we try to focus on the game itself as opposed to personal feelings.


We hope you enjoy our retrospective look at Ducktales.  We’ll be bringing you more episodes covering classic video games soon.

Thanks as always and…


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Ep 054 – Retrospective on Ducktales the NES Classic!

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