2nd Anniversary

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Anniversary extravaganza!  That’s right fan, we’ve been recording an uploading for your listening pleasure for 730 (give or take a few) days.  In that time we’ve talked a lot about board games, retro video games, modern day video games, and of course, Star Wars in all its glory.

In this show we start by discussing the Spiel des Jahres 2017 nominees and our thoughts and opinions on who should take home the incredibly bias, German based award that has little baring on any true gamers in the states.  That being said we hope you enjoy our take on this year’s batch of games.

*update* – the Spiel des Jahres winners were announced this morning.

After our discussion of the Spiel des Jahres we do a fun Q & A with the cast of your favorite podcast.  Then we decided to delete that content and do a Q & A with the I, Geek team.  We answer all sorts of different questions that have been asked of us over the last two years and hopefully have some fun answering those questions.  Of course we’d love to answer more questions from our listening audience so feel free to send questions to Twitter, Facebook, or comment below.

We finish our 2nd Anniversary podcast with a discussion of our favorite games at the moment.  We each pick those 3 games we love playing right now.  Not necessarily our favorite games of all time.  Simply a list of those games we love right now.

We hope you enjoy our 2nd Anniversary show and we hope you stick around for the next two.  Who knows, in a couple of years we may actually start doing more consistent videos and online content!

As always…


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Ep 056 – Have we really been recording for 2 years?!

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