*Note: We had some rather large technical difficulties that caused our volume levels to be all over the place.  Forgive this inconsistency and we’ll try better in the future.  Onto the show!

Fillers to the Death!

We’ve changed our format slightly and hopefully for the better.  In an attempt to distinguish ourselves from the horde of newer shows that seem to pop up weekly we’ve opted to do the following:

  • Shortened news section hitting on those things we have an opinion about as opposed to covering things everyone else is covering.
  • Sten’s new segment on the growth of the hobby.
  • A focus on an older game that newer members of the hobby may be unaware of.
  • An attempt to keep all shows between 45-60 minute run time.

We hope this will draw more attention to the show as we continue to improve our format.  Any suggestions or criticism is welcome and you can comment below if you’d like.

We will keep a few of our older segments unchanged.  These include:

  • History in gaming, which will appear 4-6 times a year.
  • Basic and opinionated reviews of newer games.
  • Tournaments to the death!  In this episode we’re covering Fillers to the DEATH!
  • Picking on Lee.

All of that being said, we hope you enjoy this particular show.  As the title suggests we delve into the heart of the Filler Game, chew on the fat for a bit, and spit out a winner in our Tournament to the DEATH format.  Let us know if you agree with our decisions as we hammer through our Fillers to the DEATH bracket.

Don’t forget to spread the word on our little podcast.  Word of mouth is the best way to do this, though if you’d like we have a presence on social media and YouTube.  Follow the links to our  Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest and greatest from your favorite podcast!

Thanks for listening and as always…


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Ep 057 – Filler Games to the DEATH!

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