Rogue One

Rogue One was awesome!  We here at I, Geek loved the gritty, unique take on the Star Wars Universe.  With Rogue One we finally got a movie that didn’t put a polish of purely good versus absolute evil throughout the entire story.  Sure, the story of Anakin Skywalker is one of redemption, but lets face it, Darth Vader was a bad guy through and through.  He essentially had a death bed conversion after decades of pure unadulterated evils.

Rogue One opted to show darker side of “good guys” and the willingness of those good guys to do some pretty bad things when the need arose.  Take Cassian for example.  The first time we meet him he murders his contact, an obvious rebel, because he’s going to compromise the entire rebellion due to his injury.  Out of the gate you know this movie is going to be different and to those of us who grew up reading every Star Wars novel we could get our hands on, this was something special.  The novels never lacked in that grittiness and we were happy to see it come to the silver screen.

As we approached this Top5/Bottom5 we started listing off all the good things that would fit in the Top5 section.  That was easy.  The hard part was attempting to cut that list down.  The Bottom5 was far more difficult, though we already had a few items ready to go long before we recorded.  We discussed those things that we don’t think will age well as the movie gets older.  We pontificated on those scenes and decisions that either didn’t make sense or just bogged the story down.  After some research and debate we had our Bottom5 and I have to say I think we nailed it.

Let’s talk about some of the more glorious things about Rogue One.  This might be a spoiler warning to anyone who hasn’t listened to the podcast so be forewarned.  Rogue One did a lot of things really well.  The way they handled Darth Vader was perfect, aside from his quippy one liner about choking on aspirations (come on Vader, you’re better than that).  Vader was used like a scalpel in this story and it all culminated in the hallway scene.  Easily one of the greatest scenes in Star Wars cinematic history, it was short and brutal, making Vader into something more akin to the Predator or Alien from those franchises.  It was sublime.

Star Wars has always pushed the bounds of what computer technology can accomplish in movie making and Rogue One showcased this in spades.  The scenes of the Death Star ominously floating above Scarif, or the destruction of Jedha City as the crew races away from the planet in the U-Wing were spectacularly created.

The crew of Rogue One is awesome.  They epitomize the “rag-tag” team thrown together by fate and forced into greatness.  They don’t disappoint as they run headlong into danger and certain death.  We hope to see more of this style of story telling in the Star Wars films.

We hope you enjoy our look at the most recent addition to the Star Wars Universe.  Rogue One was an instant classic in our book.  Next we’ll move into prequels with a foray into Episode III Revenge of the Sith.  Until then…


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Ep 058 – Rogue One Top5/Bottom5

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