We’ve scoured any and all Essen preview list and have come up with a list of games we feel will get much of the buzz in the upcoming industry show.  Essen Spiel is the yearly convention in which many, if not all, board games are released.  It is held in Essen, Germany and though numbers can be a bit skewed (actual attendees versus turnstile numbers) the most agreed upon number is north of 150,000.  It’s a big show with hundreds of games being released by the big and small companies alike.

In the states, especially here in Texas, we get pretty psyched about the upcoming event in spite of not ever attending.  BoardGameGeek does a fair job of shuffling through many of the games on display at Essen Spiel and the interviews (while quite boring and lackluster) do give we crazed board gaming bunch something to look forward to.  For those of us attending the Fall BGG.Con we get extra excited as many of the hotter games will be on display and ready to play the week before Thanksgiving.

Needless to say we love this time of the year and I’m not kidding when I said we scoured Essen preview lists.  I personally spent hours looking at and filtering a list of 800 games down to something a little more manageable.  After that I continued paring that list down until all of us at I, Geek came to the conclusion that we had a list worth talking about.

In this show we talk about a fair number of the newer games coming out of Essen Spiel.  We left the expansions off, much like last year, and will be recording that show in the next week.  Keep an ear to the ground for that one.

We hope you enjoy our take on the good, bad, and ugly coming out of the massive industry show in that far flung land of Essen.  Perhaps one day I, Geek will be able to make its way to the show.  Until that time, quickly created videos with terrible interviewers asking the wrong questions will have to suffice.

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Ep 059 – Essen Preview 2017

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